7 benefits of ISTQB Certification

1.What is ISTQB ?
ISTQB(International SOftware Testing Qualifications Board ) is non-profit association which offer internationally recognized certification known as "ISTQB Certification Tester".

This association is volunteer-led organization based on modern standards developed by more than 100 global software testing experts and variety of test standard sources i.e IEEE ,ISO ,BSI etc.

2.What is Benefits of Certification ?
Global/International Recognition of skills & knowledge
Certifications are based on international norms and standards i.e IEEE, ISO, BSI.  Certified specialists are valued by the employers worldwide

Mapping of theory with practical
Certifications are developed by boards of experts in both theory and practice.
Connection between theory & Practical is ensured for creation of any certification.

Professional loyalty
Doing certification gives surety about your interest in respective field for becoming expert.There intention is to bring benefit to company.

Enhancement in work effectiveness & efficiency
According to 2018 IT skills and Salary Report Certified employee have good work effectiveness & efficiency.It is also noticed that in U.S. & Canada Certified IT professionals makes 22% more salary than non-certified ones. Click here for Report

Conveys Common Practices for Software Testing
ISTQB software tester certification focuses on practical applications     of software testing that your testers need every day.

Increases candidate's USP
Increases Candidate’s marketability throughout the industry, helps in initial screening during job change or getting first job.

Increases self-image and reputation
Increases self-image and reputation among peers & It gives you the opportunity to stand out of the crowd

3.Who can give ISTQB Certification:
1.There is no minimum qualification or experience needed to take the Foundation Level exam
2.Individuals from IT and non IT field can take up this certification

4.Characteristics of ISTQB Foundation Level Certification:
  • It fits in budget.
  • The questions are multiple choice, practical in nature.
  • No Negative Marking System.
  • Lifetime validity of Certificate.
  • "ISTQB® Certified Tester" logo can be added in Resumes.

5.Levels of ISTQB Certification:
There are Three levels of ISTQB Certification as below
1.Foundation Level
2.Advance Level
3.Expert Level