Manual Testing Day 3

Types of Testing:
1.Testing Related to change
    1.Retesting /Confirmation Testing
    What : Re-execution of Failed Test Case
    When : After defect found and Fixed by developer
    Why(Objective)  : To confirm defect has been fixed or not ?
    2.Regression Testing       
    What : CHecking impact/effect of Change Part/portion on Unchange     Part/portion.
    When : After Any Change
        1.Defect fixing
        2.Add New Requirement
        3.Delete/Modify requirement
        4.Environment Change
    Why(Objective) : To Make Sure Changes do not introduce
            new Defect

    Impact Analysis:
    A process in which identification of number of dependent
    Pass TC to Fail TC  happens using RTM
    Requirement Traceability Matrix/ Bi -Directional Traceability     Matrix
    >A Table having Mapping between Requirement & Test Case
    >Very useful to get requirement Coverage is 100 % or not
    >Used in Regression Testing to calculate number of Test cases
    for regression Testing.
    >Regression Testing is Repetitive in nature hence it should be
    done with Automation Testing.
    Selenium,QTP(UFT)-HP,  RFT-IBM
2.Testing Related to Function
    >Checking Forms(with valid/ invalid data/ with optional /
    without optional field)
    >Checking Links(to identify broken or dead links)
    >Checking Cookies
        >Temp text file created by Server containing user information
        >Type:Sessional : Active till Browser is Open
              Persistent : They have their own Expiry Date
        >How to Test Cookie:
        1.Check content of Cookie is Encrypted or not
        2.Check cookie is active till session or till
        Expiry date(depending on type of Cookie)
        3.Disabling cookie should not allow important
        function to work
        4.After Login if Cookies are cleared & some links
        are click then Login Page should display

 >>Smoke Testing(build verification Testing /Build Acceptance
    >Decision Making point to accept build or not ?   
    What  ?: Checking Basic/Critical functionality of Build
    When  ?: Before Starting Actual / Detail Testing/System Testing
    Why  ?: 1.To Check Stability/testabilty
        2.To avoid time wastage

    Smoke Test & Actual Test

    >>Sanity Testing
    What  ?: Checking Basic/Critical functionality of Build
    When : After Defect fixing/ Add new requirement   

3.Testing Related to Non-Function
1.Performance Testing:
    >Checking Behavior of System w.r.t Response Time
    Response Time: Time Difference between 1st bit of request
            & last bit of Response
    Latency         : Time Difference between 1st bit of request
            & 1st bit of Response   
    Throughput   : Number of request processed per unit time

4.Testing Related to Structure