Manual Testing Day 1

What is Testing:
A Process in which Comparision between Expected and Actual Happens...

Why Testing:(What is Objective of Testing)
To find defects & get them fixed by developers

Negative Impact of Defects
Loss of Reputation
Loss of Business
Loss of Time
Loss of Life

Why Testers ?
To do unbiassed Testing
Testing done by any other person apart from devloper/author is
called as independant testing

Levels of Indepedant testing
1.Low indepedant > testing done by developer
2.High independant > testing done by any other person/organization

Anyone can do testing ?

Testing is easy ?
    No > Testing everything is not possible (Complete testing is impossible since it takes lots time & budget)

SDLC(Software Deveploment Life Cycle)

1.Requirement Gathering & Analysis
    Written in CLient Language & Hence anyone can understand
    Contains mostly functional Requirement
    Created by BA
    Written using Technical Terms & Hence only tech. person can     understand
    contains functional Requirement & Non functional Requirement
    Created by BA / Sr. BA / System Architech  

    Checking Requirement is

2.Planning & Design
    1.Project Plan is Created by Project Manager
    2.Schedule , Roles & Responsibilities , Staffing & Training
    3.Risk & Contingencies

    1.BluePrint/Architectur of Software is Created
    2.Types: 1.HLD/System Level
         2.LLD/Module Level/ Programme Level
    3.Created By Software Designer/ UX Designer   

    1.Software is devloped in seleted language
    2.Source Code is Created
    1.Software Test Engineer will do testing
    2.Test Cases/ Test Plan /Defect Report/ Execution Log etc.

5.Deployment / Installation
    1.Installing tested product at client side
    2.Done By Deployement Team framed by Project Manager
    3.User Guidlines / Defect Report/ Proof of Acceptance
    1.After Sell service ( G & W Period)
    2.Done by Maintainance Team framed by Project Manager
    3.Defect Report/ SRS/ BRS/ DD/ Source code Document is Created
    4.Two Kind of Chenges happens
        1.Corrective Changes(fixing defect)
        2.Adaptive Changes (Adding / Modifying requirement)